The DISH Hopper

The Hopper 3: America's #1 Whole-Home DVR!

Now with Autohop!  Say good-bye to commercials! 


The DISH Hopper 3 :

The DISH Hopper 3 is a state of the art Whole-Home DVR system for your home that allows you to watch both live TV and recorded shows in HD in any room of your house.

The DISH Hopper 3 is the industry standard for HD-DVR's, and its features remain unmatched by any competitors, including the DIRECTV Genie ™.

Not only is The Hopper a Whole-Home DVR, it also records up-to 16 different shows at the same time.* The Hopper 3 exclusively offers "Prime Time Anytime"* which will record all network shows on ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS during prime time hours, and removes all of the commercials without taking up any of your DVR memory space.


-         Start watching in one room and finish watching in another room

-          Watch your LIVE TV and DVR recordings on your computer, tablet, smartphone and many other mobile devices!

-          Watch 4 HD programs on 4 different TVs!

-          Record up to 16 live HD shows at once with Primetime Anytime!*

-          Skip commercials on Primetime Anytime with Autohop!**

-          Always find your remote with the Remote Control Locator.  Just press a button on your Hopper 3, and it will connect with your remote, creating a beeping sound to lead you to your controller

-          Never deal with annoying volume fluctuations again with SRA TrueVolume. This will make sure you show stays at a steady volume, and you won't need to adjust the level  due to a loud commercial or quiet dialogue

-          DISH recently opened the Hopper API to certain developers, which will add even more apps and functionality to the whole-home hd-DVR!


When comparing DISH vs. DirecTV, one thing to look at is each companies whole-home-DVR. As you can see, the Hopper 3 has more hard drive space, more on demand options AND exclusively offers Prime Time Anytime.

Next time you're comparing DISH Vs. DirecTV, remember all of the ways "The Hopper" beats "The Genie."

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* Feature must be enabled by customer
** Autohop feature is only available with playback the next day of select primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC as part of PrimeTime Anytime feature. Both features are subject to availability


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