Why Intertech

Why Intertech?

Intertech Digital is your local provider of DISH Network TV service, and has been offering the best customer service and deals for the last 30 years! Support local, and work with our well trained staff for all of your DISH needs.

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We’ve been helping people make the best decisions for their home entertainment needs for over 30 years! We’re your one stop shop for HD (High Definition) TV’s and DISH Network television service. If you’ve got a question, Intertech has the answer!

Local Installers!

Our local installers are on time and professional! We’ll get your new DISH Network satellite system installed timely and efficiently. Our installers are locally trained and certified to handle any question or request you might have. We proudly support local jobs!

Local Support!

We have support offices in Buffalo, NY and Erie, PA! If you have a problem or technical issue we’re right in your own backyard to lend a helping hand! Our customer service and technical support are local and understand YOUR needs, we won’t send your call halfway around the world! Speaking of support, we’re proud to give back to the community by sponsoring “Rock The Barn”, an annual charity concert that donates all proceeds to “Meals on Wheels”!

The BEST Offers!

DISH Network by Intertech is the best value in entertainment! Where else can you get OVER 190 channels for just $59.99/mo for a whole year?! Tired of paying for High Definition from your current provider? Then don’t! We don’t remember paying more for color tv service so we’re proud to give you High Definition TV service for FREE! For Life! Keep saving through Intertech with great referral bonuses and savings of up to $300 off HDTVs!

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